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Treating Yeast Infections with tea tree oil gels

Yes, tea tree oil is good for acne, but it’s not the only use for this wonderful oil:
We can treat Candidiasis or commonly called yeast infection, with pure tea tree oil, and many other fungal infections too.

Its current clinical use stems mainly from its antifungal activity, especially when treating Candida albicans. For this reason, it has been the subject of tests that have been proven effective preventing and treating yeast infection, along to common antifungals in cases of vaginitis.
The antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect of organic tea tree oil improves the recovery of the affected area because it reduces the inconvenience and possible reinfections caused by the scraping.

Using extracts of Melaleuca alternifolia gels in our daily hygiene, with slightly alkaline pH, has been shown to have a preventive effect by eliminating fungi and yeast from the external genital area and skin folds, which could act as a reservoir of candidas causing reinfections.

Autralian Tea Tree oil contributes to the eradication of fungi and yeast, since in these cases, excess acidity in the zone would promote their growth and spread.

In addition to yeast infections, gels of Melaleuca alternifolia are useful for skin irritation in which there may be an infection by Candida.


It is characterized by small reddish lesions and wet areas that affect the skin.
Such conditions are known to generally affect areas where the skin folds, like armpits and under the breasts, with higher incidence in obese people.


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