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Tea Tree Oil uses and benefits with children

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most used essential oils within aromatherapy, since it is one the most basic ones.

It has triple antiseptic effect: fights bacteria, fungi and some viruses – and it can provide a lot of help when dealing with children.

Tea tree oil uses and benefits with children (and all family)

You must always be very careful  to not use this oil directly, this essences are very strong and they can cause skin irritations – that’s why you should always dilute it with vegetable oil, cream, aloe vera or some carrier oil like jojoba or coconut.

  • One of the typical problems with children at school, are the ever so feared lice. One very effective solution for this nasty affection is to wash your children’s hair with a tea tree oil shampoo, or just drop 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo (mix it at the time you will use it, not directly inside the bottle but in your hand). Once the hair is rinsed, you should comb it with your comb already impregnated with tea tree oil: this will help dealing with those pesky nits, killing them and clearing the hair.
  • The strong smell of this oil is of great help for getting our inmune system stronger, because it activates our body cells, that’s why if we use some drops with an essential oil diffuser and let it work inside a room, we will boost our inmune system. It would be very beneficial to use the diffusor inside our children’s room – specially on flu season.
  • When we happen to have our gums swollen or maybe a sore throat, tea tree oil will help us to fight those disconforts by adding 3 or 5 drops to a glass of water, and then rinse our mouth with it. Be careful of not swallowing as it is toxic. Also, Tea tree oil is good for bad breath, so you can dip your toothbrush in water with some tea tree drops, and your done.
  • Tea tree oil is good for acne. It helps fighting the bacteria that causes some of it, so it can be used when treating those horrible pimples that teenagers hate so much. There are a lot of good tea tree oil products for acne over the counter that can really help with this skin problem.
  • If your children got to some public pool, maybe you already know about Athlete’s Foot, don’t you? It spreads like fire in these situations. But, you can use some over the counter gel that uses tea tree oil or just wet some piece of cotton with 5% pure tea tree oil and rub the affected area for about 5 days, and then you’ll notice how everything goes back to normal, the natural way. You can use this method to treat Athlete’s Foot and also to prevent it.

As you can see, Tea Tree Oil provides a lot of everyday solutions for our family, and most important: natural solutions, without any chemicals or drugs. It offers a healthy and cheap way of treating some common problems. Try it!

Scalp problems? Try the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo | Review

In our search of natural products for our hair, the biggest quest is to find a sodium laureth – lauryl sulfate free shampoo. And even better, one that has natural ingredients instead of artificial ones.

That’s why the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo is the subject today of my review: this particular invigorating type of shampoo is enriched with certified organic botanicals – and that means no harsh chemicals.


I have seborrheic dermatitis and have always had to depend on medicated products, both ‘over the counter’ and prescription, which almost all contain sulfates. I tried this, and saw an immediate improvement, in fact, a lot of my scalp problems seem to have been related to the sulfates. tea tree oil shampoo

This works better than anything else I've ever used, especially if I also do a mild apple cider vinegar rinse between my shampoo and conditioner once every week or two to adjust the pH level of my scalp (1 T. ACV to one cup of water slowly poured over head an squished in).

It leaves no lingering smell. Used too often it can further aggravate your scalp. Other tea tree oil products I've tried do not compare, including Paul Mitchell.


You need to leave the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (what a name, huh?) on your head for a few minutes for most benefit. I only wash with the shampoo about every 7-10 days, "co-washing" (washing with the conditioner) in between as needed.


I like the conditioner, too. It's not heavy  and is sufficient for most as a daily conditioner. If you feel you need some additional conditioning, their Direct Leave-In Conditioner is very good, too - very moisturizing but not at all heavy or greasy.


5 stars!

Treat dandruff the natural and effective way with tea tree oil

Yes, dandruff can be treated in a very cheap, natural and effective way - how? with Essential Tea Tree Oil. Easy huh? It certainly is.
In a placebo-controlled study of 4 weeks with 126 people with mild to moderate dandruff, the use of shampoo with 5% pure tea tree oil reduced the symptoms of dandruff.
As we covered earlier, Australian Tea tree oil kills fungus and yeast, and is very useful for people who have scalp problems and who would prefer to use a natural and organic product to treat dandruff - but be careful cause undiluted organic tea tree oil can hurt broken skin, irritated or healthy skin.
Dandruff not only appears in the head, it can also be found in areas as the face, eyebrows, ears, armpits and groin -  and is presented as little yellow flakes and greasy plates.
A homemade tea tree oil use of very good efficiency is to mix some drops (1 or 2) of  this essential  oil to our everyday shampoo, then proceed to wash our hair with it leaving it for at least three minutes so it can act on our scalp, if that does not work you can also add it to water for the final rinse.

Dandruff can be, in many cases, resistant and not be completely cured, it reappears in cycles, hence you should take some measures to keep it under control. Like any alternative treatment, it must be intensive and must be decreasing as dandruff disappears, but as a warning we must know that any intensive treatment can not be used for a long time since it can irritate the scalp.
Some other tea tree oil benefits you can find are that it is also good for treating lice and oily hair!
For great results, the essential oil should be 100% pure and high quality. Because of its high concentration, only a small amount will be sufficient in most cases, so it's a very cheap solution for curing and treating dandruff without using chemicals on our hair!
You can check more tea tree oil recipes here.


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