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Tea Tree Oil benefits for Acne and more

Time and time again I’ve posted about the many wonders of Tea Tree Oil Products– from skincare, to home care.

This time, I’m presenting you with a sort of summary that lists the most important factors of Tea Tree when using it for treating acne in all its forms, along with some basic information and tips that you should know when using this wonderful essential oil and finally decide on try it on: it is a really cheap way to fight those pesky pimples – plus, it’s natural and you do not have to use any chemicals on your precious ans sensitive skin!

Uses and benefits of Tea Tree oil for Acne:

  • Tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the melaluca plant which is native to Australia. The oil is active against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. It’s used to aid in healing abscesses, acne, athlete’s foot, blisters, burns, cold sores,
    dandruff, herpes, insect bites, oily skin, rashes, and warts.
  • A laboratory study found that certain active components of tea tree oil effectively slow the growth of P. acnes. The oil’s proponents claim that even severe cases of acne have been shown to benefit from it.
  • Tea tree oil kills p. acne and is an ingredient in many acne skin care formulations—cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Tea tree oil is considered as effective as benzoyl peroxide for killing p. acne bacteria, but it takes longer. However, tea tree oil doesn’t cause the redness, irritation, and inflammation that’s common with benzoyl peroxide.
  • For very sensitive skin use calming and soothing masks, such as an aloe vera, allantion, tea tree oil, or green tea compress. Other soothing ingredients for masks or compresses include licorice and red raspberry.
  • Essential oils such as geraniun, lavender, lemon and tea tree oil can be used to help regulate the sebaceous glands. These oils need to be diluted. A facial spray with lemon balm essential oil can help close the pores. Witch hazel can also be applied after cleansing.
  • Where you feel a pimple about to erupt, rather than squeeze it, try applying spirits of camphor, essential oil of lavender or tea tree oil four or five times daily to help dry it up and perhaps prevent eruption. If you do get an eruption and are prone to scarring, use a salve which includes vitamin E, calendula and comfrey.

Hope this help you decide wether you need this healthy approach to treat your acne with tea tree oil or not. Thanks for reading!

Tea Tree Oil uses and benefits with children

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most used essential oils within aromatherapy, since it is one the most basic ones.

It has triple antiseptic effect: fights bacteria, fungi and some viruses – and it can provide a lot of help when dealing with children.

Tea tree oil uses and benefits with children (and all family)

You must always be very careful  to not use this oil directly, this essences are very strong and they can cause skin irritations – that’s why you should always dilute it with vegetable oil, cream, aloe vera or some carrier oil like jojoba or coconut.

  • One of the typical problems with children at school, are the ever so feared lice. One very effective solution for this nasty affection is to wash your children’s hair with a tea tree oil shampoo, or just drop 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo (mix it at the time you will use it, not directly inside the bottle but in your hand). Once the hair is rinsed, you should comb it with your comb already impregnated with tea tree oil: this will help dealing with those pesky nits, killing them and clearing the hair.
  • The strong smell of this oil is of great help for getting our inmune system stronger, because it activates our body cells, that’s why if we use some drops with an essential oil diffuser and let it work inside a room, we will boost our inmune system. It would be very beneficial to use the diffusor inside our children’s room – specially on flu season.
  • When we happen to have our gums swollen or maybe a sore throat, tea tree oil will help us to fight those disconforts by adding 3 or 5 drops to a glass of water, and then rinse our mouth with it. Be careful of not swallowing as it is toxic. Also, Tea tree oil is good for bad breath, so you can dip your toothbrush in water with some tea tree drops, and your done.
  • Tea tree oil is good for acne. It helps fighting the bacteria that causes some of it, so it can be used when treating those horrible pimples that teenagers hate so much. There are a lot of good tea tree oil products for acne over the counter that can really help with this skin problem.
  • If your children got to some public pool, maybe you already know about Athlete’s Foot, don’t you? It spreads like fire in these situations. But, you can use some over the counter gel that uses tea tree oil or just wet some piece of cotton with 5% pure tea tree oil and rub the affected area for about 5 days, and then you’ll notice how everything goes back to normal, the natural way. You can use this method to treat Athlete’s Foot and also to prevent it.

As you can see, Tea Tree Oil provides a lot of everyday solutions for our family, and most important: natural solutions, without any chemicals or drugs. It offers a healthy and cheap way of treating some common problems. Try it!

Homemade treatment for clogged pores with tea tree : fight pimples and blackheads

This homemade treatment using Tea Tree Oil as our main ingrediente will help you fight blackheads, pimples and even some blotches. Clogged pores are one of the main causes of developing pimples, and oily skin is isually a victim of this.


Now, I will share this natural and effective treatment to remove stains on face or body and blackheads or other toxins that will eventually cause acne – and Tea Tree is really good at killing acne bacteria. This is really useful for back acne too!


We need:

1 clean cotton cloth
Jojoba oil
Melaleuca oil  ( Australian tea tree )

First, mix 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil. Do not use metal, use glass or a perfectly clean ceramic container.
Wash your hands and nails with a brush, to avoid any contamination.
Then, proceed to wet the cloth with warm water and next, drain it.
Apply in the affected area until it gets cold and repeat once more.
The heat softens and dissolves stains, oiliness retained inside the blackheads spots, pimples – and will also scrub the dirt in your oily skin.

Apply with your fingers the oil on the treatment area, making a gentle massage for a few minutes.

Leave it on all night long, and wash when your wake up. Do this two times a week until you see some nice results, then one time per week will be enough. You can complement this treatment with a good Tea tree oil face wash.

Good luck!

Fighting acne prone skin with essential tea tree oil – goodbye pimples

Acne is one of the most common skin problems, especially among teenagers: it affects almost everyone and consists of pimples and zits on the face skin, that sometimes extends to the chest, shoulders and back.
It is not known what’s the cause, but there is evidence that genetic heritage is involved, certain hormonal fluctuations, personal hygiene and food.
Some essential oils will greatly assist us in the battle against acne. Used in pure form or diluted with any vehicle or base oil, essential oils should be used topically to relieve mild to moderate acne.
Organic Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial and, consequently, is very good for getting rid of acne and also to clean wounds in general.
Also, tea tree oil relieves irritation, hives and burns, acne and reduces dandruff, and may even fight warts and other fungal infections.
Particularly in this skin condition, treatments with Australian tea tree oil act quickly and succeed in removing skin imperfections, pimples and fights oily skin, while decreasing discomfort in the affected area.
Keep in mind that using pure tea tree oil on your acne prone skin (specially face wash), can dry it a lot, so you have to use a good moisturizer after washing your face or applying the oil directly on your face.
Also, you can find in specialized stores (like The Body Shop) some great tea tree oil lotions that go along perfectly with this treatment.

The Best Tea Tree Face Wash - review

The Body Shop “Tea Tree Oil Face Wash” is simple and efficient for all of us having acne prone, oily skin.
This facial wash refreshes your skin and removes all the makeup, which is the first thing we usually expect from facial washes.

In terms of skin improvement – specifically acne prone skin – The Body Shop tea tree oil Face Wash removes oil during the summer and doesn't overdry your skin in the winter.

Personally, I quite like the scent of australian tea tree oil, although I'm sure many people don't because it is SO strong.tea_tree_oil_facial_wash

This dark green oil wash comes in a generous bottle with a handy click cap, it works really well on getting rid of stubborn blackheads and effectively controls acne while moisturizing enough to keep your skin soft after washing it.

Overall, is a nice gel cleanser that takes all the make up and dirt off, without having to use much at all, and still leaves your skin nice, very soft and smooth, without any tightness or residue. It's Australian Tea Tree Oil for acne used at its best.

Since I started using the system about 9 months ago, I can count on one hand how many zits I have had, so I can really recommend it! – specially if you use along with The Body Shop “pure tea tree oil”! (also reviewed here)

Recipe – Cure Acne with essential oils

Here I'm going to share a recipe to make at home with natural ingredients, so we can treat our skin with the benefits of tea tree oil and fight acne, pimples and blemishes.
We need the following in order to make a mixture of essential oils to treat acne:
  • Grapeseed Carrier Oil - Grapeseed Oil is used as a base oil for many creams and lotions. It also has some astringent qualities and is good for oily, acne prone skin. You can buy this oil in any aromatherapy shop or even at eBay.
  • Lavender Oil – ideal to cleanse cuts, bruises, and skin irritations; wich we usually do when touching our pimples.
  • Jasmine Therapeutic Oil - Helps itchy, dry and sensitive skin.
  • Finally, Australian Tea Tree Oil – our main ingredient to fight acne, pimples and blemishes with its antibiotic qualities.
We will do this every day, preferably at night. We’ll wash our face and proceed to mix 5 drops of Grapeseed oil (our carrier oil), then 2 drops of Lavender and Jasmine oils and finally 2 drops of Tea tree essential oil.
Then we should apply the mixture to our face, massaging it slowly, then we will wait a litte until most of the oil dries up.
After 15 minutes, we can wash our face and we finally can go to sleep.
Proceed like this every night for 15 days. Then just simply 2 times per week.

Tea Tree Oil For Acne treatment - good or bad?

Is it possible to cure Acne with Tea Tree Oil? Melaleuca alternifolia or "tea tree" is a  tree native of Australia, the leaves are the portion of the plant used medicinally.  
This great oil contains anti-bacterial agents that  kill zit-causing bacteria. Recent studies compared a 5% percent tea tree oil product to a 5% percent benzoyl peroxide product and the two of them were discovered to work equally well.
Some forms of acne are caused by certain bacteria that can build up in your pores. If used properly, This antiseptic oil can reduce the amount of acne breakouts a person has, but it will never cure it completely: all that you have to do is apply one drop two to three times per day to all areas of your skin that is affected  by this condition or has pimples and it will begin to kill the bacteria.
For acne, it is used as a natural remedy and is well tolerated by the skin making it suitable for all skin types, to see positive outcomes from adding it to our daily skin care everyday routine.
It is usually mixed with other essential oils for use as a healer for other types of skin irritations. Applying this oil to your skin two to three times per day is one of the most effective ways to get rid of your acne problems, pimples and breakouts.
Tea tree oil 
How good is organic tea tree oil for acne? Since an undiluted form of this oil is hazardous, is important to decide what forms of it should be used in order to attain the best result. You can make your own undiluted solution by using 95% of water and  5% of pure tea tree oil mixed properly. If you have sensitive skin, then a mix of this essential oil and aloe vera would respond very well. Get straight tea tree oil and dilute it in pure aloe vera gel. Add only a drop or two to start with per ounce of aloe.
There are  lots of new topical  pure tea tree oil acne products worth buying. Have a look at the skin care aisle of the health food store. Some companies have even introduced a new topical gel that also has other herbal antiseptics, such as witch hazel, lavender and aloe vera.
It is highly recommended for teenagers, those with oily skin or blemishes.
It is recommendable to avoid sun after applying this type of oil to your face. It tends to have a drying and irritating effect when the skin is exposed to sun.
If you are looking for an effective but natural treatment method for taking care of you acne problems and you don't like chemicals in your skin,  then buy tea tree oil, your skin will thank you and glow!
Please remember: This oil is for external use only. If your condition persists or worsens, seek immediate medical attention!
I highly recommend anyone  to try TTO before running out to a dermatologist: is very cheap so there is nothing really to lose, as long as you use it accordingly. If interested in a non-pharmacological approach to acne, topical Tea tree may be one of the best choices for you, especially if you use it in conjunction with a nice diet.
There are even commercial benzoyl peroxide products fortified with TTO to get the benefits of both ingredients.


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