The Best Tea Tree Face Wash - review

The Body Shop “Tea Tree Oil Face Wash” is simple and efficient for all of us having acne prone, oily skin.
This facial wash refreshes your skin and removes all the makeup, which is the first thing we usually expect from facial washes.

In terms of skin improvement – specifically acne prone skin – The Body Shop tea tree oil Face Wash removes oil during the summer and doesn't overdry your skin in the winter.

Personally, I quite like the scent of australian tea tree oil, although I'm sure many people don't because it is SO strong.tea_tree_oil_facial_wash

This dark green oil wash comes in a generous bottle with a handy click cap, it works really well on getting rid of stubborn blackheads and effectively controls acne while moisturizing enough to keep your skin soft after washing it.

Overall, is a nice gel cleanser that takes all the make up and dirt off, without having to use much at all, and still leaves your skin nice, very soft and smooth, without any tightness or residue. It's Australian Tea Tree Oil for acne used at its best.

Since I started using the system about 9 months ago, I can count on one hand how many zits I have had, so I can really recommend it! – specially if you use along with The Body Shop “pure tea tree oil”! (also reviewed here)


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